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Typhoon-x Reviewed by German Tour

18. December 2014

German magazine Tour named our Typhoon-x wheels „Fast Stars“. We are honoured by the review which is translated below.

„Equinox is the house brand of Gigantex, one of the largest carbon rims manufacturer based in Taiwan, customized for many brands – and accordingly having a lot of expertise. From the portfolio, we have the Typhoon X 55, mainly because of the original design: The carbon spokes that connect the rim to the hub body made of aluminum, are per wheel, two-piece star, the nipple Spoke sit in the rim, The impeller can be centered, and the components can be individually replaced. The set weighs 1,380 grams – No less than quality system wheels with aluminum rims. However, the high and quite wide rims and the very flat carbon spokes help better aerodynamics. The front wheel is very stiff, both wheels are very stable even at high speeds. Sprinter types might like even stiffer rear wheel; the maximum rider weight is 100 kg. The rim fabrication is high-grade and showed no weaknesses in the test – except for the worse wet braking performance, which also have other carbon rims. The set includes brake pads, very easy quick release and a centering tool.“

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Outstanding look
  • Higher profile only in tubular version
  • Comparatively higher price


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