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A RESOURCEFUL R&D: A rolling stone gathers no moss

Two ways of explaining this old phrase may better be used to describe the status of our R&D team and its members. Each of our R&D engineers has been with EQUINOX for at least 5 years and has ever been designated to the other work stations, from sales, POM to production line. They are not just designing the products by following the book or purely from imaginations but from the marketing responses and production line feedbacks. We believe the quality of an affordable nice product starts from the concept design that fits both market needs and production-friendly. Hence, to conclude this literature, we believe our R&D Team possesses the following merits:

Education Backgrounds

R&D members are from various of education backgrounds which creates a synergy effect and a broaden view to make better products (nothing is perfect and this is an eternal goal we are searching for).

Employment History

Experiences are sometimes more valuable than the academic knowledge.

Only a long-standing "on-job-sufferings" can ensure the product designs are what the market needs. And, of course, this is the merit the senior employees can possess.


A fully-fledged R&D member has to have the capability to access different views of production stages. Most of the R&D members have either experienced two or more job-rotation processes to realize this.


The sense of achievement, personal pride and honor, etc are key motivation factors to induce the success of a product development.


EQUINOX has been investing at least 2% of it’s annual sales revenue to improve the R&D system both in hardware and software.


Routine meetings, reports to high-ranking officers arise the attention to everyone that R&D is not only the responsibility of a Dept. but also a company-wide mission.


The best way to verify the product design is to use it, as a position of the end-user. EQUINOX works with elite teams and individual racers in Europe to provide the most up-dated information. And, more critically, all the R&D members are the users and testers of the products they have created. This is an honor and also a pride to be awarded. Through the mechanic test to verify the product quality is only the minimal.


Any different view-point is more than welcome. We don't want to be to blinded and feel too good about ourselves... This is why we are still growing and bettering.

Hence, tell me, which other R&D in this industry can be better than we are, at least at this moment?

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